..Time for Somaliland and the Dhulbahante to Talk..

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..Time for Somaliland and the Dhulbahante to Talk..

Somaliland’s army and Dhulbahante militias are fighting for control of the town of Las Anod. The Dhulbahante want to join Somalia rather than be part of Somaliland’s state-building project. The two sides should agree to a ceasefire and prepare for overdue talks on the Dhulbahante’s administrative status.


ملف الصراع بين ايران..واسرائيل..

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مجموعة السبع تتعهد بالتعاون في مواجهة إيران وروسيا .. الحرة / وكالات – واشنطن.. الاجتماع يأتي بعد… تتمة »

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